4&5 Axis NC Code Questions..


my MASSO is 5 Axis,

using Fusion 360 export NC code,

got the NC file, but it's empty "0 kb",

I'm not sure what's going on,

anyone can help me? thanks a lot.

(p.s AutoDesk saying : Error: This post configuration has not been customized for 5-axis simultaneous toolpath.)


Hi Guys...

I'm try to fix "MASSO Mill.cps" program,

and see AutoDesk HSM Post Processor Forum,

find out in MASSO Mill.cps code,

need to modify the code below:

// change "false" to "true"

function onOpen() { if (false)


export NC it's working !!, need to confirm machine 4 Axis position,

and test 5 Axis also,

so far so good, if you have MASSO 4&5 Axis controller, just share this info for you.

Happy Milling ~~~

Tommy Lin


Update progress:
  1. export NC file it's OK.
  2. NC code include X / Z/ A Axis... but without Y axis. missing Y axis data .... debug now ...


MASSO Support
Staff member
For this kind of application you will need a POST with rotational A axis, the current MASSO POST is for X,Y & Z axis only.

You can try the HAAS - A-axis (pre-NGC) POST.