5.6k resistor


Hi having just about set everything up on the 24 volt Masso and must say very happy with it,but i am unsure if i should use a 5.6k resistor on the tool height setter i found a post from yourself saying a resistor is allready built into masso but mostly posts state use a resistor.Also not sure about the probe setup (resistor).

Many thanks Bryan


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Hi Bryan,

When setting up the Auto tool setter or a touch probe you need to use a resistor as shown in the documentation. Masso does not have resistors built in.

Th video below shows how to install and setup the tool setter and probe. You can set up the probe as I show in the video or install a dedicated resistor for the probe input and keep the tool setter and probe separate if you prefer. It makes no difference.

Hope it helps

Cheers Peter



Hi Peter thanks for clearing that up keep up the good work and the comedy you do an excellent job credit to you and Masso

Many Thanks Bryan