5 Axis Shapeoko controlled by MASSO


5 axis learning
Hi mates how are you guys today, after drawing what it seems to be 4th and 5th axis for my Shapeoko, i started the journey of understanding how to set up the machine in fusion 360 and where WCS needs to be located, also learned how to enable 5 axis post for my MASSO controller, scary stuff the first time you see all of it but i think i may be on the money.
It happens that first you set up a new machine on Fusion and create the new rotary axis in my case A and C, where A is A on Masso and C is B on MASSO
Then set the post processor to enable 5 axis and then How do i program Fusion 360 to Machine the faces that are not on the Z axis???
After watching videos i found a tab called Tool orientation, where you define z axis for the tool, and guess what? Fusion takes care of the machine motion and positions the part on the right direction cool stuff

i am still learning about tool warping and Swarf, but this looks promising, i downloaded a 5 axis machine simulator and loaded the code and IT WORKS!!!
cam and post testing
cam and post testing1901 1079 300 KB

On the image you can see my design with a simple cubed part on top it happens that you need the Stock holder or whatever is there modeled in orde to define a fixure so Fusion knows what is happening, and then, WHERE DO I REFERENCE THIS ON THE MACHINE ???
I hope not to be wrong, but in my case it seems i have to refference the WCS on the spot where both rotation axis intersect, that is where i will set my work piece 0,0,0 and 0,0

Another thing, my A axis movement ranges from -90 to 90 deg and the C axis rotates full 360

My head sort of hurts from understanding all of this in one go i hope this info is usefull for someone

On the image you can see my Part installed on the fixure (my designed 4 5 axis thing) and the post processor output

as you can see the operation on fusion is machining one chamfer on the cube and the code is telling the A axis to tilt to -45 deg and the B axis (C on fusion) to -90 placing the part on this position for machining:
tilted axis
tilted axis1195 753 84.1 KB

I really hope i am not so wrong, i will start to make the rotary table this week

Bye Guys!!!


Today s update!!!

Love buttons!!!
20200728_1316023024 4032 3.32 MB

LED on the green Button when running the Cycle/
20200728_1700091512 2016 1.04 MB

Led on the red button after stop is pressed, or soft limits reached
20200728_1701041512 2016 1.04 MB

Bit of wiring done
20200728_1714304032 3024 3.67 MB

20200728_1721554032 3024 3.89 MB

I can t wait for the ATC to arrive!!!

And then the enclosure for the machine will happen!!!


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WOW diegocolonnello

I had been looking at a rotary table similar to what you show in your drawing.
Really looking forward to see how you go with this.
Thanks for sharing.

Cheers Peter


Quote from Tpos on July 29, 2020, 12:53 am

Hi there looks like you are going well with your build well done cheers Trev

Thanks mate, Good controller, good outcome...

Quote from CNCnutz on July 29, 2020, 7:37 pm

WOW diegocolonnello

I had been looking at a rotary table similar to what you show in your drawing.
Really looking forward to see how you go with this.
Thanks for sharing.

Cheers Peter

Hi Peter, CNCnutz fan here, i will make it so i can learn the ins and outs of it, but i think the stepper Belt configuration wont be enough to hold if i want to mill Aluminium, unless i find a way to design a brake or clamp per axis...

Quote from Andrew on July 29, 2020, 8:23 pm

Hi,diegocolonnello! Do you think, whether I could control the B and C axes with masso?

Yes off course, why not?