5 axis sim and tool changers


I m considering converting my new mill to 5 axis and to a Masso if it can handle the job. I want to run 5 Axis simultaneously as well as an carousel 16 ATC, my ATC runs a small motor and gearbox with a Geneva wheel, a single air cylinder magnetic limit switches each end and two Hall effect sensors one for the home, and one for rotation count of the drive motor tooth. Can Masso do this.


Thanks Arie,

would you know of any build threads with people running masso as a 5 axis simultaneously controlled mill, I would really like to see how it performs.


Also I m. It sure how correct this is or if it s only relevant to the G2, but so far the only masso 5 axis machine I have been able to find that exists (seen one on YouTube) that was able to run 5 axis sim, but wasn t able to have different length tools, it could only compute the one tool length from my understanding of it, I noticed CNCNUTS commented on the video and seemed interested in the fact that it could only handle one tool length, has this been addressed, is there anyone running 5 axis simultaneously with a ATC.

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Hi Macarms,

I only know of the one set of videos showing a MASSO being used for 5 axis machining.
That is the one you have already found.
I think you are mistaken about my comment on the video.

What I said was, and I quote:
Very interesting about 5 axis tool length.

By which I meant that it was interesting that the tool length was referenced from the point of articulation unlike normal machining.
With regards 5 axis machining and tool changers I really don't know but I imagine that if all tools were set to the length specified in the Gcode in a tool changer collet then tools could be changed.
MASSO does not do the kinematics in the controller and so requires the CAM software to work everything out before hand.
If your tool length is different from that specified in the Gcode file your machining will be wrong.

While I can see how the tool length affects machining when the Z axis is articulated as in the video I don't know what the effect is when the A & B axis are on the table surface.
Basically I do not know as I have never done 5 axis machining.

There are no special 3D views for 5 axis or any special 5 axis features.
MASSO will do what it is told in Gcode

Hope this help
Cheers Peter