a or 4th axis setup on the milling Masso platform


I have setup the 4th or A axis too my CNC Router according to the Masso Information.

my specs are as follows:

ACT Motor Nema23 Geared Motor 23HS8430AG15
15:1 Geared Ratio ,3A, 1.4N-m*15=21N.m 3000 oz-in
Act gear motor 23HS8430aG15
Reduction Ratio 1:15
I have the dip switches of the driver set to: 400
with gear ratio at 1:15 = 6000 SPR at 400 SPR
at 400 steps per revolution: 6000/360deg=16.667 pulses per degree????
the wiring jpeg is attached:

the gear motor jogs clock wise and counter clock wise to a little less that half a revolution.?
I have the max travel set to 360 degrees.
min travel equals 00000
I have the 1 6000- 1 rev - to travel distance equal to 360.
I am using angular.

I am I doing the math wrong?
could you tell me what the amounts need to be in each of the data fields in the setup config window, because I don't know what I did wrong?


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It looks like I got it figured out bro so please don't worry about this topic.

thank you sir