Adding a 12VDC Motor


Hello everyone, I'm going to hook up a deburr wheel to my set up using a air actuator lifting then lowering a arm with a 12vdc motor. Tried to use a relay to turn the motor on and off, but when the DC motor is hooked up it makes the Masso go haywire. Is there a way to install and control the motor?

Any help would be great,

Thanks ,Bob



MASSO Support
Staff member
@masbobso firstly what a great looking machine setup, amazing work.

The issue that you are having is that your DC motor is causing high back-EMF into the electronics when the DC motor is switched off. As this is a very high voltage, it can enter into other logic circuitry and cause issues or even damage components.

Here are a few good videos that we found and you can see why it happens and how to fix it with a simple diode