admin password menu disappears, how do you get it back


I have my admin password set to BLANK and I have a touch pad keyboard, I went into setup to check something right before starting a plasma cut in the process of moving the cursor to the password input spot in the menu, I pressed the touchpad too hard and it sent a enter to MASSO before I had clicked into the input spot and the menu went away. How the heck can I get the admin password screen back without having to reboot my controller?

btw, I'm still running V3.41 not the latest V3.42

Really wish there was a way to completely disable both the user and admin password fields, I'm a 1 man shop and this has caught me more than once with my touchpad keyboard (which I love for everything else)




MASSO Support
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Hi Michael

If you need to get the Admin password box back just CTRL + L, it will lock Masso and request both your User and Admin passwords again.

If you removed the User password just press the enter key and it will unlock the user.

When you go to the F1 screen it will present you with the Admin login again.

Hope this helps