Alarm Reaction



When the MASSO sees an alarm for a peripheral like low air or low lubricant, how does the MASSO react? Does it just feedhold or does it raise a panic condition?

On a similar note, does the MASSO have the ability to either ignore or acknowledge M01 commands? I didn't see anything about changing the way the MASSO handles them but it is a useful feature to set it to ignore them so they don't have to be removed from the G-Code. For example, on our lathe there is an SPDT switch and in one position, the machine holds at each M01 and continues after a cycle start command. In the other position, the machine ignores the M01 commands entirely. Even if this is a software switch that is something we can work with. If this isn't currently a feature, I will move this into the feature request section!

Thanks in advance.


Should feed hold turn on yellow tower lamp? I'm using illuminated buttons for Cycle Start and Feed Hold, the Cycle Start works fine- push button, program runs and lamp lights. Feed Hold I push the button, machine stops but the yellow lamp does not come on. I can turn the lamp on and off by toggling in F1 screen, but not when program runs. What am I missing?