ALARM - Y Motor Alarm


Hello, On the initial setup of my Optimum BF46 Milling machine, I stupidly managed to snag and damage the cable going to the Y Axis Servo Motor (Clearpath SDSK-3421S-ELS) and the Masso Came up with "ALARM - Y Motor Alarm". I replaced the entire cable and Plugs and the Masso Came up with "ALARM - Y Motor Alarm" again. The Y Axis Servo Motor Auto tunes (through Clearpath Software) without a problem. I swapped the Servo Motor from the Z Axis to the Y Axis and still the same problem "ALARM - Y Motor Alarm". The only thing I can think of is that I might have damaged the Masso. I might need to send it back to Masso for a check up.

Any Ideas out there. I could really use the help.





if you swapped the servo motor already you might want to swap the drive as well to see if that might be the problem? if you have the same issue then you can at least rule those two things out as the cause.


In the F1 screen. Is any input assigned to y motor alarm and do you have any wire connected to this input?