Allow Scrolling in G-Code Program


I would like the ability to scroll through the G-Code program in the F2 screen with a highlighted bar showing the active line. I also would like to have the 2D graphics cursor show the position currently highlighted line in the G-Code program as I scroll down. This will allow us to walk through the program before running it and give us the ability to review our code once has been loaded into the machine. This would only work in the F2 screen so that we can use the arrow keys to scroll up and down the lines of code.


I agree with the above statement. if you can scroll down and highlight the line you select and have a button to move to this line. this will be helpful to restart work in the location you want.



also at the minimum, the ability to insert, edit or delete a line above or below this cursor line.

OR a more capable editor? IE: cut and paste at a min.



I'd like to add this requested feature is essential.

Related; please add the ability to edit larger files. There should be no problem editing files up to 10MB or more in size.. you just need to partially buffer the file and read the original file as you go/scroll, and write changes to a temp file when your user has scrolled out of the buffered region of the file. On save, rename the temp file to the original filename. If discarded, delete the tempfile. Welcome to embedded system software design.

I just loaded up a Gcode program over an arbitrary threshold, wanted to read something in it, ctrl-e to edit "this file is too big to be edited" or something showed up.

No scrolling the gcode window for preview of code, can't edit. *sigh* back to my desktop PC to open in a text editor. Remind me again why not having a PC as part of your CNC solution is a good thing?


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Currently the F2 Gcode screen can only show 2000 lines and then stops scrolling which makes it hard to jump to code that is beyond that point and see what is happening.

All the code has been loaded into MASSO, so the code display should be showing the portion that is machining with the currently active line positioned in the middle of the display, so the last couple of machined lines and next couple of to be machined lines are displayed.




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both @breezy @shaun requests will be covered in the new editor we are working on. Basically, the gcode window will have a scrollbar to view the code and then the user can select a line and right-click for below options:
  1. edit line
  2. add line
  3. delete line
  4. run from line


I am all in favor of on screen editing/programming it would put the Masso in a whole new level. Also you might put a option in the F6 screen to save modified program.