Another Kiwi on board


G'day, my name is Ray, I'm from New Zealand. CNC is a hobby for me, but everything is a hobby....I love making things.

I built my Sieg X2P CNC conversion about 12 months ago, and built the controller from the standard "Ex-Ebay" kit that I am sure most of us have encountered.

My Goal is to be able to eventually build a machine that can be commercially viable, no not the Sieg...

I recently set out to build a new enclosure...with grandiose plans, complete overkill, and would do everything I need, plus more...but not mow the lawns (thats the wife's job)

Well that was about a month ago, and it was going really well until i realised that getting my head around running an overly complicated BOB, and a smooth stepper, various power many things had to be considered. Frankly, I gave up.

I already had my current control cabinet, but it was too limited.....I had a 1/2 built cabinet that looked nice, but didn't do what I wanted, I was confused.

Solution: I found the here I am. Taking it slowly, learning....and hopefully setting myself up to achieve my goal.

Why did I chose MASSO
  1. So configurable
  2. I didn't need fancy screen sets, macro's, or overly complicated
  3. I hate having to use the mouse to turn off this, and turn off that
  4. I wanted to support a local initiative
  5. ....and it looks damn cool!!!

What is my build plan
  1. Get it running in the basic form
  2. Learn from this community and cherry pick the good things
  3. Build it robustly
  4. Work out what I am going to do with all those inputs , outputs, relays TTL circuits......

So here I am.....super pumped to be part of this community.....optimistic that I have chosen the perfect solution partner




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