Another New Member


Hello All,

Ordered my Masso yesterday with an email this morning saying it was received by DHL today for shipping.

I'm an 'old guy' of 77 years living in Brisbane (Australia). I spent my career in electronics.

I have had a Shapeoko 3XL hobby CNC router for about 18 months now. The Shapeoko uses GRBL software for motion control. As hobby machines go the Shapeoko is a fairly solid machine but I dislike GRBL and the dicky little Arduino processor it runs on. Having said that the Shapeoko is a nice little CNC for beginners and its designers have made every effort to make it as foolproof as possible. This in itself means that they have eliminated many of the controls and bells-and-whistles of more advanced motion control software.

I started out searching for something a bit better than GRBL by looking initially at LinuxCNC but IMHO unless one knows the ins-and-outs of Linux it's very difficult get and keep running. I then toyed with UCCNC, similar to Mach3/4 but without some of the hangups of the latter. Then I came across Masso and found hobby CNC nirvana - time will tell but from what I have observed I have every confidence.

I'm happy to be aboard.