any possibility of Adding more Work coordinate offsets?


Fanuc has ten basic offsets the last 3 being
  • G59.1
  • G59.2
  • G59.3

In the Masso Post processor for fusion it seems that after G59 it goes g59 p7 and ascending "p" values from there

I've played with the control and it seems that it does not respond to these p values and will stay on G59

Currently I have been manually recording my offsets and manually putting them in to work with 10+ fixtures on my table

Curious what you guys think?

I've definitely been enjoying the amount of tools i can add to the machine, having the ability to have more than one needs is super helpful to make processes where I can allow the machine to Run unattended. if wew were allowed a larger amount of WCS that would be just as useful of a leg up on other controls I believe.