ATC axis use


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Hi @johnharvey

Masso uses DC or AC motors for the tool changer you can't use stepper motor for rotating the tools as the signal from the controller is HIGH to start (DC/AC) motor and LOW to stop, this won't work with a stepper motor.




Oh, my Cosmec 250 that I am retro fitting with a MASSO uses a stepper. So does the MASSO ATC logic not allow for a stepper to do the rotary positioning then? I just bought a 4 axis G3 MASSO. I was hoping to use the stepper and driver that was already there for this.




Hi, I'm building a custom 25 tool belt style changer that also uses a stepper for belt rotation. The tool changer is fixed to the enclosure of the machine and I intend to use all 3 axis of the machine itself to move the tool to and from the belt using a pneumatic flipper arm. I have a G2 3 axis controller running my metal cutting milling machine. From what I've read so far you don't support using a stepper for the ATC. Also I've read thru all the available logic configurations and none of them will work for my application. Perhaps it would be a good idea to offer a downloadable software app that would allow a customer to create and configure a custom ATC logic ladder to suit their specific needs. I have 3 more CNC machines I have started building, two lathes and another 3 axis mill. I would really like to stick with Masso controllers, however there are 3 big issues that I need to see addressed before I consider buying another. 1) The addition of diameter comp in a mill controller. 2) Custom ATC logic. 3) Being able to edit any size program at the machine. Currently any program larger than about 1 page is too big to load.