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Hi Everyone

We are looking at adding Gcode to allow an automated run for a job to the G2 version Masso and would like your input.

For instance if you want to run the same Gcode 20 times to make 20 widgets or you may be using Masso as a controller for some sort of machine where it needs to repeat the same Gcode all day.

M30 Stop and rewind Gcode. No change to the way it is currently works.

M30 L20 Rewind the Gcode and repeat the Gcode 20 times then stop.

M30 L0 Rewind Gcode and repeat. L0 will mean run continuously.

Any feedback would be appreciated of if you know of an existing standard GCode that does this please let us know.





Sounds like a nice clean and simple solution. I was considering using a series of subroutines with M98/M99 to do this type of repeated work but adding it to M30 would make it much easier. Go for it.

Cheers, Stephen Brown