Automatic coolant nozzle adjustment from analog out put or M code


It would be great to have a coolant nozzle offset value on the tool offset page, that way you can have a servo or stepper motor automatically adjust a coolant nozzle to ensure that there is coolant getting to the tip of the tool. I am in the process of designing a unit that would be able to read in a 0-5V value and move a stepper motor to a set position related to the value. This would let a control unit like the Masso automatically adjust the coolant nozzle depending on the tool called up.

For this to work with the Masso, I would need away to get an analog output, but at this stage the Masso only has analog inputs. Another option would be to do a Digital to analog converter ADC with 4 digital pins but I'm not sure yet how I would be able to set the values when a tool it called, I would also need a coolant offset value column in the offset page. On a Hass CNC with programmable coolant they also use M34 for up and M34 for down of the nozzle being able to do this in the Masso would be great and help with multiple tool programs and enable better production runs.

Are there any plans for the Masso to be able to perform a coolant adjustment in the future?


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