automatic switch to manual tool changer


I have been wondering if it is possible for Masso to accept a manual tool change when a tool needed is not on the list of tools...

for example, if i have an 8 tool magazine and my code calls for tool 9, it automatically goes to the Manual tool change position for it to be inserted by an operator....

Only an idea...


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right now you can only use the tools as per the tools list or manually load all the tools. We can look into adding this logic as this should not be a lot of work, let's see if others have the same requirements and then we can put this on priority.


one application could be the use of a probe, i have a 9 tool magazine and would not like to sacrifice one spot for a probe, with this new logic, as soon as you request for a probe, it could accept it manually....

By the way, the new firmware removed the green indicator at the bottom of the screen for the touch plate....


We have implemented AutoTool Changer, with 16 tools, but often another "special tool" is needed for a particular job. Current it requires reconfiguration of our tool rack for this one job.

It would be very useful to be able to request for a tool number that is not in the rack, then to "auto switch to manual" mode for all tools that are not in the tool list.

I would suggest using the "Manual Tool Change Position" accept a new tool after parking the current assigned rack tool. Then when a standard tool is requested, move to back to "Manual Tool Change Position" for release, and then continue as normal for Auto Tool Change.

We have several user of our CNC system that time-share the resource with different machine (tooling) use requirements. And, this approach will help with most of our "one-off" projects.

Thanks for your efforts.



I saw a comment in another CNC forum that they could assign multiple tool numbers to each ATC position. That way, the operator swaps out the required tools in the holder before starting the job. So in Diego s situation, the probe could be assigned to position 18. Once the probing is finished and say, tool 1 is selected, he could swap out 18 for 9 while the machine is working with tool 1.

It sounds like a sweet solution to me. Is this something that G3 could do?



That would be helpful, an idea is if it asks for a tool number greater than 31 then the software just does a manual tool operation rather than just skipping the tool change and possibly damaging things as is possible now with tool requests over 31.


I would definitely appreciate this feature as well!

At minimum it would be really nice to be able to manually specify which tool number is currently loaded so if you manually change change the tool, you can change it on the screen so that it won't initiate an automatic tool change.