Autotuning Clearpath Servos while connected to Masso / MPG issue


Alright I just got a converted mill using a Masso board and Clearpath Tecnik servos. I have two questions:

Firstly, is there a way I can autotune the servos while connected to the Masso board? When I try to do it, the Clearpath software says I need to disable the driver in order to continue. Is it as simple as unplugging one of the cords from the servo itself? Or is there somewhere I can "disable" the driver to allow me to autotune?

Secondly, I was told that, when originally set up, the MPG pendant worked exactly as expected. Now, throughout moving a couple times and the software being up to date, the MPG handles very weirdly. Essentially, it sort of works. So it selects the correct axis and step size. However, there is some weird glitch happening where I jog one way and it either (hit or miss) goes the correct way then will stop in the middle of jogging and start going the opposite way. Or it will just go the incorrect way altogether until it decides to switch to the correct way. The computer knows that it does this (the DRO updates with realtime position so if it suddenly switches directions the DRO also switches directions, so it doesn't lose position, but it's hassle. So is this likely a wiring/short issue, or is it possible there is a glitch in the software update I'm running? I'd have to go out and double check the exact version, but I was told it was using the most up to date. I can also provide a video as a visual aid if needed or if what I said didn't make sense.


Edit: Ended up getting autotune to work. Just needed to unplug one wire as I thought. These things run great!


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hello @steelcogs
  1. I think as per of the clearpath autotune you need to remove the STEP and DIR signals, so simply unplug the axis green connectors from MASSO.
  2. Video and software version will definitely help, can you also check the minimum and maximum travel setting of all axis are ok and not smaller than the actual axis length.
  3. We can also do some tests here with the clearpth motor, can you please also share the MASSO settings file and provide video.


@MASSO - Support

Thanks for the response. I figured out the motors, all I had to do was unplug the end of the motor that leads back to the Masso board. Very simple and the autotune greatly helped my motors. I am running 3.37 for 3 axis mill.

I checked min/max settings and they seem to be alright. Jogging otherwise with arrow keys works just fine and the MPG handwheel does exactly the same thing if I try to use it to override the feedrate.

I'll link a google drive video that shows what exactly is happening. If you watch you notice I only jog one direction yet the table switches direction. I also show how the settings look when I scroll through with the handwheel. The guy I bought this mill from let me know it was an issue but assured me it worked before. He also noted that the settings screen flicked between high/low on the A/B settings as you scroll the wheel even when it worked just fine in the past.

Thanks again!