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I have 3 axis motion stepper motors Model: PST342 . 1AT6 Current 4.5 Amp. Voltage 2.8 Volts 1.8 Deg per step. what is the correct procedure for selecting the PSU for these steppers. I notice on another thread that @taloredtech had similar steppers although his steppers end in 1B6

I have finally got my new MASSO G3 Serial G3 5758. at moment just want to create shopping list in order to start machine conversion. must say am looking forward to the challenge.


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In addition to the stepper motors, you will also need to buy some stepper motor drivers that accept Pulse and Direction inputs. I tried to find the datasheet for your stepper motors online but could not find one. I would recommend buying a set of matching motors and drivers from the same manufacturer. New motors and drivers would be matched to work properly and smoothly. The rule of thumb for selecting the power supply is to multiply the Stepper motor voltage by about 16 to determine the voltage needed but this is usually limited by the motor drivers' voltage capacity.

If you still want to start from scratch then I would research the details for the specs from prepacked kits available on the sites below so that you get an understanding of what you need. Masso can only output step and direction signals so you need to pick an option that accepts those outputs. You also have to size the system correctly for the size of cnc machine you are converting. So look at the specs for machines that have similar characteristics so that you can choose the best option for your machine.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Stephen Brown