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Hello, I am using the Masso controller on a hot wire foam cutting machine. (See attached picture.) We are experiencing a rather odd circumstance. The machine is driven by four stepper motors. Two on the X-axis and two the Y-axis. This is a gantry style machine X and A are slave - Y and B are slaved. The issue is that when A-axis is jog in the positive direction both motors turned in the same direction as they should, in the negative direction the motors run in the opposite direction to each other. This occurs on both axis. ( X and Y ) I am at a loss to understand why it would be correct going one-way and wrong going the other. We tried reversing directions one motor but that just reverse the problem, it did not correct the issue.


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@larrye you mentioned that you are using the axis in slave mode, so how are you able to move the A-axis alone as there won't be any option to JOG A-axis once it's slaved to X-axis?


We un-slaved it to try it out.

We solved the problem by adding a jumper wire on the drive pin on the motor. It is working fine now. Attached is a picture of those connections.

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