Big Platinum 3612 machine upgrade in Australia


Hello Masso Members,

I am very happy to join this group. I brought a big Platinum 3612 CNC machine from an auction for a good price. The shipping cost was 1/2 the machine price. The Platinum 3612 has a 10hp 8kw spindle 8 bit rotary tool changer and a big 10 drill bit pneumatic head. It fits 3600 x 1200 sheets with 2x vac pumps. The frame construction is thick steel tube, It is so heavy that the 8 ton forklift sunk down 200mm into my asphalt driveway. It has a big electrical cabinet with Yaskawa drives. The previous owner said it was working but there were so many broken air lines and faulty sensors that i think it has not been used for years. I tried to contact the manufacture as it was made in Melbourne but the company has shutdown. They made 40 cnc machines made in total with different options about 20 years ago.

The headache

I fixed the machine and got it home i then tried to use the 20 year old software that it came with called CamSoft. CamSoft controls the machine while Cad/Cam As3000 is for drawing and for generating tool paths into gcode. I didnt have have and could not get the right setup files from Camsoft they kept just trying to sell me the new software for $4,000USD saying they would give me all the setup files to make it work but could not give them to me to make the old software work...!

With no instructions available I hacked some old job files that i recovered with disc digger that were on the windows XP computer opened them in text editor and found the passwords and settings to get most things working. The software was so bad that i could not get one job to complete. I then found some files that had been created EnRoute EzyNest in 2012 but the machine couldn't even get through an old job file without unknown errors and problems.

My Plan

Enough time wasting, I had jobs waiting and new products to build. I have the Masso G3 and have started installing it. Its not hard as im an electronics guy and wired that way (yes im a robot) so im enjoying it so far. I designed Delta robot 3D Printers and sold hundreds of them in Australia until cheap Chinese machines crashed my business in 2016. I have been videoing the Masso install in stages i think it will be useful to see a big machine upgrade specially with the drill bank head. I plan on doing some cool upgrades as i luv LEDS, cameras and 3D Printing.

Well cheers for being makers and i have added some pictures of the machine for you let me know what you think or if you know this machine :)


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Hi 3dbrink

Wow What a beast! Welcome to the Forum.
I look forward to seeing the videos

Cheers Peter