Turd Furgesen
Greetings from the north coast, USA. I like machines and electronics so I purchased my first chinese 3040 engraver about a year ago to make parts for projects. I am in the process of modifying the 3040 to make PCB's and light metal parts. I've been an electronics and engineering technician for 28 years. I'm fortunate in that I do for a living what I enjoy as a hobby, fixing, designing and building things. I look forward to meeting some folks here and learning more about my new hobby.




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Welcome aboard, I m a fairy new user too- you ll love the support and the help you get from Masso and this community

it was a a decision I didn t take lightly, but well worth the investment

have fun with you toy, and be sure to share your experience




Turd Furgesen
Hi Ray,

Thank you.

After a LOT of research, I viewed the Masso as a good solution also. It has all the features I want and a few I hadn't even considered, is reasonably priced and I've been impressed with the support so far. Masso seems to go above and beyond in supporting their products.

For me, this project is as much about learning as it is about functionality. I don't think the 3040 is really capable of much more than very light machining, although I see many people try to change that. What I'm focusing on is accuracy and for what I need, it seems a good mix of size, function and cost and is perfect fodder for modifications. It just needs a few upgrades at its weaker points to become a capable machine.

I'll post my progress and what I learn along the way for sure.