Built My Own Custom CNC Plasma Table...


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Hey Everyone,

I have built my own plasma table 4x8 with ballscrews and Nema 34 motors and the Masso G3 Touch. It has yet to cut metal but it draws pictures with a sharpie fairly well ;-). The last thing I have to do is wire up the THC and get a Post Processor working. I am thinking about using Pro Nest but they arent being super helpful as far as setting up the G Code. I have been talking to Brad about it and found a few spots in the forums here where people mention him and that they got it working. He is asking for a working G code file though which i do not have.... I have some files that will draw just fine and appear to be turning on and off the plasma torch but not sure about the THC and torch touch down sensor.

Does anyone have a MASSO plasma G code file with THC that I could use to send them so they can figure out the Post processing for my machine?

Also...I am not dead set on Pro Nest so if there is a better/different option please let me know!




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Hi Garrett,

Here is a sample file for Plasma THC
I have also included my notes on making a Plasma Post Processor which you may find useful.

Cheers Peter


  • MASSO-Plasma-Gcode-Sample.nc
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  • MASSO-Plasma-Post-Processor-notes.pdf
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