Builtin THC


With the MASSO already handling the G-code for turning THC on and off and the height adjustments in response to up and down commands from an external THC. Maybe it's not a big step to just connect the divided voltage output to the analog in on MASSO and let the MASSO compare it against a value in G-code? The analog in should be able to handle the voltage from a 1:50 divider up to 250V on plasma.

Example G-code:
M667 (start THC) P130 (with 130V as target voltage)

This would make it easier to control the THC from the preprocessor

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As the plasma arc signal can have very high voltages that can either induce electrical noise or even damage the controller if connected directly, we cant feed the arc voltage from the divider to the MASSO directly.

We are working on a add on module that will optically isolate the arc voltage signal and feed to MASSO and this way we can use safely feed the arc voltage to MASSO to THC control.