Calibration wizard issue


I tried calibrating my y axis tonight using the calibration wizard. Something is not right with the settings, but I m not sure what. When I zero out my y axis I m not able to jog beyond 405mm even-though my max travel is set to 810mm.


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Hi @kencnc411

Did you home your machine before starting the calibration process?

I notice that your Y axis minimum is 0 it appears that you are moving your y axis in the negative direction. If this is the case you are not going to be able to jog beyond that point in that direction as you have already reached the limit of travel.

Even if you disable soft limits you are still bound by them while jogging the machine.

Hope this helps






Thank you for your reply. I m jogging the machine all the way to the home position and then zeroing out the Y access, then jogging. When I do this I hit a limit of approximately 405 mm.


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What settings have you set in the homing dialog?

When you home the machine there is no need to zero out the axis, that is part of the homing function.

Looking at your photo of F3 screen, you are stopping at -406 on the Y axis DRO but the machine coordinates shows Y axis at 0 (zero). As far as MASSO is concerned it has reached the end of the Y axis and will not move any further in that direction.

Where is the spindle in relationship to the available travel?

The procedure to calibrate an axis is
  1. Home machine.
  2. Confirm that you can jog the full distance that you wish to use to measure.
  3. Move to a start point, convenient for measurement zero. (Negative end of the axis - minimum value)
  4. Press Zero button
  5. Jog to end point, the measured distance. (In the positive direction - maximum value)
  6. Enter the distance that you moved.
  7. Press Complete calibration button.
  8. At this point the wizard inserts the calibration figure into the distance per revolution text box.