calling a work offset and making it work.


Hello sir.
I am having a problem using work off sets.
I have set up an off set that I am trying to use in order to carve two opposite sides of a work piece.
I am struggling! After setting up the off set for G59.

I cant seem to make the controler to use the work offset position as the work origin even though the display says it is correct.
  1. I then have just updated the masso controler with the latest update to see if it wouls help my problem
  2. I home the Machine.
  3. I set the work piece on the table. In a very specific position.
  4. I install the correct endmill.
  5. I load the g-code file.
  6. I then call the G59 code manually. (Go G59 X0 Y0 Z0) the tool moves to the correct position.
  7. The machine shows it s position at ( x 00 y00 z00 ) and the offset shows it is at ( X00 Y00 and Z00 ) automatically.
  8. I then try to start the G code in the program page.
  9. I seem to have to rewind the program in order to start the program.
  10. When I then start the program. It runs and uses the machine coordinates as work origination home and not the offset that the offset is set at.
  11. I then tried to click the upper display home buttons of each the X, Y, and Z, display in order to set the offset as work origin after Calling the G59 code again in the hopes of forcing the controller to use the work offset as the work origin. NO Luck.
  12. When I try to start the G-code program, the same thing happens.
  13. I have to rewind the program and then start the code in order to run it,
  14. Unfortunately, the upper display shows it is at x00, y00, z00 but moves to the position to start using the machine home position again it does not use the offset coordinates.
  15. I am lost!
  16. I know I am doing something wrong, But What I do not know.
  17. I will attach the g-code file (fusion 360).
  18. If anyone can give me step by step instruction s (1. 3. ) I would owe you bigtime.
  19. Starting with turning on the machine and homing the machine . Then maybe calling the g-code and so-on

Sorry to bother you all. I am just desperate.these are files for two sides of a box cover that have to line up perfectly, so I need to use the work offset to make it work

Thank you again my friend



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The fix to your problem is easy. In topic I'm doing something silly with auto tool setter Parkin was having a similar problem with WCS in Fusion.

If you check line N45 in the two programs you posted you will see that Fusion has set your WCS to G54, this will override any offsets that you manually set. You would have seen the status change from G59 to G54 as the program started.

In Fusion when you do the setup the last tab is used to change which WCS is to be used.
  • 0 & 1 is G54
  • 2 is G55
  • 3 is G56
  • etc to G59

So in Fusion the setup that requires G59, put 6 the WCS box and repost, then check that line N45 says G59 and you will be in business. Fusion's default WCS is 0 which equals G54.