calling up tool change (to probe tool) from probing screen?


Calling up tool change (to probe tool) from probing screen?

it would be nice to have a "change to probe tool" button on the probing screen

I assume many people use a specific tool for their probe?

for example for me i use a 2mm steel ground punch, which i know is nice and straight. it sits on its own dedicated collet and nut ready to go, and i manually change it.

It would be nice to call up this tool from the probing screen.

I guess I could do it with a gcode command before, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that is not going to use a single flute cutter to find an edge and expect any accuracy.



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I use a Drewtronics probe on a CNC router.

The probe is the only tool in the MASSO tool list. I issue T0M6 command in MDI to do a manual tool change, with ATZ to set tool length.

It would be nice to open probing dialog, press a button to perform the tool change and then continue probing.