Chinese Router Conversion


Hi JCapitao!

I'm thinking about converting my china router. Did you manage to convert your router?



ive done a mach3 6090 router to masso and it works great...

many of the chinese machines use NPN switches and sensors.

Masso is all PNP so those things will have to be converted

Make sure you are already communicating to drivers with step and direction as well


Thanks for your help guys!

I'm familiar with Masso because I've bought a 3DTek HeavyMill two years ago. It came with the masso controller, so I just had to wire acc. to the instructions.

I recently bought a used Digima SHM 1325A. (Now called Rensi:

I wold like to convert from NC-Studio V8, to MASSO, but i'm concerned it might be to difficult/time-consuming to get it up running.

Changing homing sensors would be easy enough, but wiring and compatibility ref. stepper drivers and VFD etc. Would such a project be challenging, or are people converting their machines with ease?


Per Olav


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Hi Per Olav

The question isn't how hard it is to convert a particular machine to MASSO but how hard is it for you to convert the machine.
What you find easy I may find hard and visa versa. It doesn't make the task easier or harder, it remains the same.
I could venture an opinion that MASSO is no harder to install than any other CNC controller and probably easier than most but that is my personal opinion.
I suggest that you start by researching each component on your current machine.
  • What type of drives do you have and how will they wire?
  • Get wiring diagrams and manuals for each component so you know how they work.
  • Do the wires all come to a common point or will I need to rerun them?
  • What do I need to add and what can I re-use?
  • What model VFD do I have and how will it connect? Get it's manual.
  • What sort of tool changer do I have and what is its logic requirements? Will it work with an existing logic?
  • Make copies of the axis settings so they can be transferred across to MASSO as this will save a lot of calibration work.

Work on each component and once you have the answers to these questions you will know if it will be easy or hard for you.
If you do the research and prepare it will probably take no time at all and will be easy.

It probably doesn't answer your question but easy and hard is personal and only you can answer this question.
Cheers Peter