CNC Parts Dept



CNC Parts Dept is a CNC controller integrator. We are investigating the Masso as an alternate controller for our customers who use stepper motors on their CNC routers. If you have used the Masso controller with stepper motors, we are looking for positive feedback.



Looks like you deal with some pretty serious routers (the one on the CNC maintenance page appears to have a Z axis travel as tall as I am).

@masso-support - have a look at the website as this might be a potential OEM (or similar).

If you are looking at stepper motors the most important thing is to get a decent stepper motor driver with "mid-band resonance compensation" as all stepper motors resonate at a some speed and if the driver doesn't compensate for the resonance the stepper motor will stall. The next factor is low inductance stepper motors as inductance is the enemy of speed (time is money). Finally have a decent power supply with sufficient voltage and current, more voltage = more speed [rule of thumb limit: max driver supply voltage = 32 x sqrt(phase inductance in mH)].