CNC Plasma Tube Cutter


I am a Mechanical engineer and designer with interests in automation and robotics. I am making a cnc plasma tube cutter for upto 24" dia. tube. The system will also be used for sheet cutting of upto 4ft x 6ft size.

I have come across the Masso controller only yesterday after doing weeks of research on my project. I really like what I see in Masso controller.

From Sheet or tube to finished part, I think the following is what is required in terms of control and design software;

Solidworks (CAD) + Sheetcam (CAM)+ Masso Controller + Servos (clearpath) +cables, power supply etc.

My question is about torch height control, THC; how it is implemented with Masso controller. What type of THC controller will be best to use with Masso?

Also suggestions, advice and questions are most welcome about this project

Thank you.


MASSO Support
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MASSO supports PROM 150 for THC but some clients have said that the PROMA 150 is not a very good quality product and does not give out the right signals. We are working on our own add-on card for the THC functionality.

Regarding the CAM, have a look at SheetCAM, it might be good for your requirement.


Thanks for the reply.

When do you think the THC functionality will be available with your controller. I am using Hypertherm plasma and it gives a voltage divider signal which can be used by PROM 150.


the masso uses simple arc ok up down input signals from a thc there are several units that due that there is a price unit that does that also the mini and some china units and the high end Neuron can be adapted