Cnc router with drilling head


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Hi Masso support,

I am in the middle of my cnc router with ATC project, for one of my client and ask me if ever I can add the drill head for his machine.

Is masso is capable in doing this because this is my first time to do this.. I saw a lot of cnc router machine with drill head, but I don't know how to configure it to masso also in cam software. Is fusion 360 can do this.

Any masso user that have done this please guide me on how to do this.

Thanks in advance



SegoMan DeSigns
I have not done it yet but an air drill is going on the 6x12 build that I have in the works, I chose air over electric as speed & down pressure can be regulated easier with air. The drill like the air scribe will require only 1 output each from the controller (not an issue with the G3 and its increased outputs). 1 air solenoid per tool with separate regulator for down stroke & machine run.

This is the drill manufacture I was thinking of using (a tapping head can be added as well):

Y/T links

It is my "understanding" in Sheet cam you tell what tool to do what job then it creates the code to implement the tool sequence.