Command and output for solenoid activated oxy cutting


What command can be used to activate a solenoid in the g-code to turn on the oxy cutting. It would be a relay that turns on the solenoid and I don't see any command in the supported g and m codes list. Our setup has both plasma and oxy cutting.


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Hi @johnlittlejack

You could use M62 to turn it on and M63 to turn it off. Allocate the M62/M63 to an output.

eg M62P1 / M63P1 to the output and when you call M62 P1 in Gcode it will turn on that output. M63 P1 will turn it off.

Hope this helps




Hi @johnlittlejack,

I Have i scribe on my plasma cutter and the most common is to use M08 and M09.

If you search the forum for scribe you might find a post and i show the setup i did!

A gas axe will work using the same principle, it will go to plasma touch off for referencing only once then go to the gas off-sets that you set in SheetCam.

Use the Mach3 post which has the scribe, then modify the post to suit your needs!

Tool number has to be T100 or over to work.

Here is a video showing it working on my plasma table. Just center punching done in this video.

Hope it helps. Ross.