Computer Power supply,


you could probably power the masso with a computer power supply but if your looking to run stepper motors form this power supply they are not going to work well most likely. I would say you probably need something like a 48 volt DC supply to run a stepper motor system. the masso will work on 12v to 24v if I remember correctly.

it would be best to check your manuals for the rated amps of your drives and size your motor to match your dives and have a power supply that can also meet the voltage and amperage requirements of the system based on what your using in your build.


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I currently have a computer PS in the construction phase of my build, it runs all of the solenoid valves, 12v switches/relays and 3 phase contactors to go with the water table. It also has a 5v out to run the alignment lasers with. One thing I have noticed about it is it is hypersensitive to tripping, it will trip before it blows a 5 amp fuse. This requires a power off/on cycle to reset, I will probably give it a try but don't want any unnecessary shut downs.

Here is the conversion process for those interested:



I was planning to run the Masso, the I/O to the DMM servo drive, couple of cooling fans and maybe a few limits switches ect.

The power supply I have is about 450W and has +12V to about 10A going on my memory, Plus a heap of power in the 3 & 5V so i was hopeful.

however since this post

My DMM Sales man says DYN4 needs 24V in the I/O so looks like Ill have to go to my local Jaycar man to get a new supply later today!

its a shame cause it fitted nicely in the box.