Configurable Lathe Tool turret for Stepper Driven Turrets


There are a lot of modified and standard lathe turret-type tool changers used in the small shop that use a stepper motor to index the turret. Some of these use no sensors, or just a 'home' position switch. These work in a very similar fashion to the Wabeco 8 position tool changer. Generally the stepper motor stalls against some component when reversed to lock the turret.

It would be nice to have an expanded configurable setup screen that allowed the user to:
  1. Enter the number of positions on the turret 4,6,8 etc.
  2. Enter the number of steps to increment one tool position.
  3. Enter the number of reverse steps to lock the turret.
  4. Select whether a home switch for the turret is used or not.
  5. Select whether there is a solenoid to release a pawl or not. Usually only required for a bidirectional turret.
  6. Select whether the turret is unidirectional or bidirectional. (Most of the stepper-driven type are unidirectional, but some modified changers may be bidirectional).

If the turret has no sensors at all a provision to manually increment the turret would be provided in order to get the proper tool in position for the start of a program. Being able to configure the tool changer in this manner might make it a lot easier to get a turret working without looking for a custom solution.