Control Techniques Commander SE VFD to Masso connections


Hi All

have recently brought a Masso unit to drive a Router that I have purchased, anyway long story short I'm up to the point where i need to connect the Masso to the VFD.

Now the VFD is a Commander SE made by control Techniques, now I'm no Electrician but I can certainly grab one to help with the (wire pulling) haha but jokes aside it is hard to find a sparky that is clued on to the finer side of electrical work. I would love to know everything myself but I don't.. but eager to learn.

Ideally so there is no confusion it would be nice to have a schematic on which connectors we need for which pins on the masso, and thats where you guys come in

if any of you good people know who I need to forward this info on to get the results needed let me know,

I have watched the youtube video on the VFD connections and it is a great video, we just don't need my passion fingers to go near it..... (without a spelled out drawing)

So I have attached some pics as well as a link to the manual and an help will be appreciated

Thanks Simo


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Hi Peter

Thanks for the reply

I watched your video again, great video, and I think I have the answers but better to check.

I've attached another picture of what I think is right connections

my main concern was the spindle voltage speed control or the VI not sure if I have that one correct

but here is my not so educated guess

Cheers Simo


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Hi Simo

The only one I agree with is VFD terminal 2 to Masso pin 1

Terminal 6 is an output for a VFD frequency meter not a speed control ground according to the diagram. I would have expected you to picked Terminal 1 on the VFD to Masso GND

Terminal 8 on the VFD doesn't look right as none of the switches look to connect to it and I think it is an output of some sort, but I'm not sure.

The common for the switches in the diagram is the +24 volt terminal 7 and I expected the voltage polarity on the Forward and Reverse to be the opposite to what you measured when you tested with your meter. Are you able to double check the forward and reverse switch polarity.




Hi Peter

Thanks for the follow up reply

What you just said is exactly the starting point i needed, I'm back working with some sparky's this week coming so hopefully I can drag one of them into the equation,

It will be interesting to see if these connections (connected properly) from the VFD to the masso will fire up the spindle.

The spindle I have is a ES 919 HSD and it comes with a set of its own safety sensors but hoping that once taken from the original wiring will power up on its own with the masso unit (the original cabinet wiring has been messed with, before I got the machine and needs to be over hauled)

The machine is a Biesse rover with a working area of 1200 x 3200 and will be an asset once up and running

The goal is to take everything over to the masso controller so once I'm under way I'll be chasing as much advice as i can get

Thanks again