Conversational programming


There should be an operator input for 'step over' to set the width of the cut when using conversational programming .. if it was listed as '% of tool diameter' it should work for both inch & metric users the same ..


Either would work, and in fact exact values may be preferred by most users ..

I mentioned percentages because that seems to be what tool makers use in their recommendations ..


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thanks and we have added this request to our feature request list. Hope that over time others can also give their opinions in this forum.


I agree with @gmarsh1 that this is an important option for the conversational programming. Just take a look at John Lambert's YouTube Video "Tool Height using a Haimer on the Masso" to see what happens when you program it without a step over.... at the 6:40 mark he talks about this issue and by the end of video his shop looked like a hookah lounge gone out of control!

I personally like the percentages of tool diameter option. That's what I usually use to set the optimal load for profiling and slotting operations on my mill so you would be saving me a step. I also would like to see an option to add a different speed for the plunging operations. If its to complicated to add another variable I would just preset it to at least 1/2 of the feedrate.


I agree that exact values would be preferred by most users, but why couldn't it simply be a drop down list and then you choose the one that works for you (percentage or exact values)...