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Hi seb55

While Masso is not designed for 2 spindles I have seen it done.

Depending on what you want you can use M3 for one spindle and M4 for the other. You need to connect speed control to both spindles as there is only 1 output but this is no problem and only the spindle that is turned on will use it. With this option you can only run your spindle in one direction

I'm not sure how the offset is worked out between the 2 spindles but I think they used G54 for one spindle and G55 for the other switching work offset when swapping spindle. There is only one Z axis and I'm not sure how that is handled. You can connect two Z axis motor drives to the Z axis output and you could set up a Masso output to disable or enable the required drive for the Z axis you are using at the time using the M62 & M63 commands. You would need to park the spindle in a set position before swapping so that position wasn't lost when swapping between spindles. Homing might be a problem using this method. Alternatively you coule us the Z axis for 1 and the A axis for the other. You would need to modify the Gcode for this. There are several ways of doing it but as I said Masso isn't designed around 2 spindles.

I assume that purpose of the dual spindle is to avoid using a tool changer so you could set the tools into the spindles and measure them in the tool offset table.

I'm sorry I don't have more detail on exactly how it was done but this is my best guess.

I would be interested to know your thoughts or how a dual spindle is normally handled if you have any information or comments on it.

Cheers Peter


merci pour votre reponse ! La deuxieme broche est une lame orientable en x ou en y : super pour poser des Clamex lamello!

les deux broches sont sur verins pneumatiques , sur un seul z.

est il possible d'avoir deux session dans Masso: une pour la defonceuse et une pour la scie?