crash editing tools... again



Didn't we have a crashing bug here before that was fixed?

I was simply trying to clear my tool table so I could start again with a more logical arrangement. Every time I hit save, it would crash and lockup completely requiring a power cycle. This is on the current firmware as well as the previous version.

These kinds of crashes doing very basic things in the UI are not acceptable on a production release of firmware/software. You really need to unit test everything before you push out an update.

To be frank, my experience so far has been both frustrating and disappointing with your controller. I really wished it lived up to everything you claim it to be, but it really falls short of what you show in your videos and documentation.

I would recommend that you stop trying to innovate and add new cool features and fix all of the bugs, problems, and shortcomings with your UI as a priority.

I can't fault your support and response to my queries and requests for help, that's been excellent, but the bugs I've been finding all over the place make my experience as a user very poor. I feel like I've been testing alpha-quality software.


MASSO Support
Staff member
@shaun we totally agree on the points you made and can understand your and other user's situations in this case. The design and software layers are so huge that we can not find and test every case, for example, the issue that you saw got ignored as we have always been using the mouse to click save and if you see that when saving by clicking using the mouse there is no issue. Anyways this is not an excuse but its very hard to test each module and that's where client feedback is very important and we try to fix issues in 24 hours time.

we have now found and fixed the bug, kindly provide your controller serial number and will email you the software.


MASSO Support
Staff member
Just emailed you the software via email.

Please make sure to check your JUNK & SPAM folders as sometimes the email can get marked as SPAM due to the software files attached in the email.