Ctrl + J doesn't work (V3.38 Masso Software)


Hello there,

I've installed the latest update of the Plasma software (V3.38).

My customer wants to "jump to line".

The option 'Ctrl + J' does not work in F2 screen.

Will this function ONLY work after a power loss? (This text is in the documentation of this option.) Ore can i use it any time?

Thanks in advance!


MASSO Support
Staff member
initially the CTRL+J logic was designed for Mill version only as Plasma and Mill resume process is very different.

We have been working on a new logic for Plasma resume where the system would find the last starting point of the cut and if your machine stopped in the middle of the cut then it can start back from the last cut starting point. This is still a pre-release version, please let us know your controller serial number and we can email you the pre-release version if you would like to give it a try.


Thank you! Now i understand why!

We have been playing around like crazy because we thought we did this wrong!

Is this a stable release? Then we like to try this! It would be great!

(My customer cuts plates steel of 2000x4000mm's with hundreds of nested parts. Then it is very very very handy that u can use the "jump to line" command.)

Serial: 5A-2668