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I'm Mitch. Live in Sydney but have a workshop up on the Central Coast of NSW 'Straya. I have a business in Sydney specialising in system integration in the home- lighting and home automation, audio visuals, security, IT etc. yada yada yada.. My main passion is design and making just about anything and everything that pops into my head.. CNC's help make that happen faster.
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So, I just bought myself an older (early 2000's I'm told) Multicam S2412 CNC bed with a 3.8kw HSD spindle with pneumatic tool change, vacuum table and the hole kit. Great price and it's finally in place.
Running a 3 phase generator to start with as all up everything is around 12kw single and 3 phase to keep everything happily chugging along.

Firstly I had the unit power up and move rather well for a short time, until bad smells came from the controller box underneath and then the X axis started playing up and stalling until the fat lady sang.
Pulled out a completely fried X axis drive and found it was packed full of concrete dust or something so thought to myself, fair enough... lets just grab a new one.... So I looked around the interwebs and saw a lot of great brands with good prices for upto-date drives that could handle all sorts but thought I should speak to the manufacturer and keep them involved.

So I called Multicam who were lovely to speak to and always had time for me, BUT... I was quoted over $2,000 to replace a single (certainly made in the late 90's) stepper drive that has nothing special going on other than turning itself into a BBQ on request.

Fast forward two week and I decided to be smart about spending money on old tech and bought myself a MASSO and 3x Gecko 203V drives, TTL output relay cards and some 48V PSU's which are yet to be installed.
Last week I spent around 20 hours of the weekend pulling the entire CNC apart including the spindle and gutting the control gear box and now I have pretty much worked out exactly what the old controls were doing.
I have worked out how to activate the pneumatic tool change on the spindle so will be making myself a linear auto tool change rack at one end to keep everything moving fast and also look about 100x cooler.
I am just running the Masso in Sydney without connected to the machine and am stuck on a few things especially running the auto tool change in simulation... it just doesn't move or gives me a tool error but can't see the issue. Possible just don't know enough about what Gcode to run or the Masso requires the sensor inputs but i'll work that out this weekend I hope.

Anyway, here are some photos of the machine. I am a tech geek so it will be decked out with all sorts eventually and will have a PTZ 4MP camera tracking the spindle and recording jobs as well as a small covert camera situated on the spindle. More than likely will do live streams of jobs.



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hey @tayloredtech, welcome to the MASSO forums, the machine looks very good mechanically.

For things such as tool changer we can help you with setup instructions to bypass the sensor inputs if your machine does not have those. Firstly there are other steps that we think you should do first such as getting the axis motors moving and calibrated etc, then we can go step by step and get the rest of the machine going.

We have a separate secion on machine conversions and have created a topic onwith your machine name, please use this forum and we can go through all the steps of your machine conversion