Cycle Start not beginning program


Good Evening!

I'm having an issue where my programs will not begin when I select cycle start at the beginning of a cut or when a tool change is called. It's been doing this since day one that I got my machine working so on software version 3.42 and 3.43. I'm using the MASSO post processor for Aspire (inches). I'm sure I'm doing something stupid... any help[ will be great.

Full Description: Cycle start does not begin the program. I have to hit single block then cycle start until my spindle turns on. Then I turn single block off and back on. It then moves to the beginning of the program. I select single block and again, cycle through the first few lines, turn single block off, then when I hit Cycle Start the machine runs smoothly.

I have been making separate files for each tool needed because when it calls for the tool change, I will change the tool and hit cycle start or CTRL+S and nothing will happen. If I press single block, it moves to the beginning of the program, which does me no good lol.

Below is some of the code for a program requiring a tool change. First tool runs fine with me completing what iI stated above.

( File created: Sunday December 22 2019 - 08:16 PM)
( for Masso from Vectric VCarve Pro / Aspire 9.5)
(Post Processor version Imperial v1.1)
( Material Size)
( X= 12.000, Y= 12.000 ,Z= 0.500)
(Toolpaths used in this file:)
(text_tree [Clear 1])
(outter ring)
(profile and tabs)
(Tools used in this file: )
(6 = End Mill {1/4"})
(0 = V-Bit {90.0 - 9/16"})
(1 = End Mill {3.175 mm})
N160 G00
N170 G20
N180 G17
N190 G90
N200 G80
N210 (End Mill {1/4"})
N220 T6 M06
N230 G00
N240 S12000 M03
N250 (Toolpath:- text_tree [Clear 1])
N260 ()
N270 G94
N280 X0.0000 Y0.0000 F60.0
N290 G00 X6.0861 Y5.5375 Z0.2000
N300 G1 X6.0861 Y5.5375 Z-0.1000 F30.0
N310 G1 X6.0874 Y5.5380 Z-0.1000 F60.0
N320 G1 X6.1437 Y5.5547 Z-0.1000
N330 G2 X6.1289 Y5.6532 I0.5194 J0.1285
N340 G1 X6.1287 Y5.6566 Z-0.1000
N350 G2 X6.1596 Y5.8682 I0.5342 J0.0300


Okay, it started the program after hitting rewind lol. After doing a tool change im still having issues getting it to start up. spindle starts up, goes to x and y... then stops

again, probably me being stupid.

Below is that portion of the G Code.

N3270 (V-Bit {90.0 - 9/16"})
N3280 T0 M06
N3290 S12000 M03
N3320 G00 X1.9111 Y4.1562 Z0.2000
N3330 G1 X1.9111 Y4.1562 Z-0.2000 F30.0
N3340 G1 X1.8970 Y4.1340 Z-0.2000 F60.0


MASSO Support
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Hi g0browns

I'm not sure what the issue is at this time and i don't know if you have the auto tool zero set up but could I get you to watch this video and see if it helps. It is well worth setting up the Auto tool zero and it will allow you too change tools very easily.

There are no known issues with the post processor that would cause this issue that I am aware of.

Could you let us know your Masso serial number and software version

could you also post the full Gcode file for me to have a look at.