Dans Plasma Plans


Hey all, I'm new here. Not much experience with hobby CNC stuff but I spent quite a bit of time on Fanuc and Yasnac VMC's and lathes a long time ago. Now days I'm an engineer and I don't get to play with all the cool toys as much anymore so I'm building myself a plasma table.

So far I've bought linear guide assemblies from AliExpress, I got 1 in 1400mm (x-axis/gantry) and 2 in 1300mm (Y-axis).


They are dust sealed and have 1610 ballscrews and Nema 24 steppers. This should work out to about a 1300x1250ish cutting area once Z axis is on. My goal was to be able to slice a full sheet of plate in half and use it. I haven't picked up stepper drivers yet but they'll probably be Leadshines or some similar copy.

For the plasma I'm planning on a Hypertherm 45xp.

Other than that I'm trying to source freebie electrical cabinets, cable and other stuff from the rubbish bin at work (I work at a power plant so often there is some quite useful stuff in the bin.)

I'm still deciding how to do my Z axis, initial height sensing and THC. I'm hoping the Masso gets their internal THC built soon. I'd rather not buy an extra $300 THC if I can avoid it. Plus I think it would be much cleaner to keep everything in the main control system. I'm leaning towards the Price AVHC10 if I have to buy one, any one have any experience?