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Woudl it be prudent to provide the list of current items on the dvelopment list. That way the community can see what is coming, what is in progress and hopefully a timeline of when a specific update/fix is due

My Wish List
  • Backlash compensation
  • Ability to increase feedrate above 100%
  • WiFi Link for OSX (I can confim connection with my latest Mojeve)
  • A Probing page, inc. centre of hole finding

What we can remove
  • Wizard Page

I have attached a link of the Probing Page I was using on MAch3 using the MacStdMill Screen Set

Keep up the good work...I think some visbility will help our community....and encourage the team to "Stick at it" - I know I am




That's a thumbs up from me to,
I would love to see a scribe added to SheetCam postscript, Plus a routing postscript for Sheetcam as well.
Thanks from Ross.


Quote from KiwiCNC on May 16, 2019, 6:08 am

@MASSO Support

can you answer this please

I think it will go a long to help

I agree 100%.

But good luck...

Features and feedback from the Masso developer seem to have completely dried up... The list of basic features that need to implemented and parts like the wizard that need to be scrapped are as long as your arm now.
It is very sad and frustrating.

I understand the pains of having a business that needs to make money but the principles of the device and this forum seem to be slowly fading. I understand Peter has stepped in to help users with current issues with current firmware but that's where it seems to have ended.
You do have to keep in mind though, Mach3 and others have had a much longer time to develop and get to where they are today.

My 2c




Can we see the development list please?

We keep hearing about this wonderful list