Disable controller password.


it would be nice to be able to disable the password in MASSO controller, both the stat and the config.

i have one of the first controllers made, it has its challenges and requires lots of reboots. To load a new file I have to reboot for it to read the usb, then have to reboot when I remove the flash drive and connect my mouse to be able to use it.

using a usb multi outlet has its own issues, if mouse and keyboard are plugged into its a 50/50 chance both will work so only having 2 USB ports is a pain.

being able to disable the passwords would work better for me, I m not concerned about anyone messing with it, especially since the password is written on the machine anyways.

yes I would love to have more options also, like disable the flashing warnings on the screen, door open, home end switch, have complete control of the options.

If no plans on doing any of this I will probably just update the controller, I updated a different machine using a different controller because I needed more control on all the settings.


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Hi Rick,

In addition to removing the User password you can also plug in a USB hub which will allow you to run multiple devices. On my Keyboard USB port I have a USB hub, Keyboard and Mouse and it also powers a VGA to HDMI adapter. I just use the other port for the memory stick only. Have you tried different hubs? Mine was the cheapest USB2.0 hub I could find at the time and it works with no issue.

The link below is the one I am using and as far as I can tell it is exclusive to this retailer but should give you an idea. I'm sure there is nothing special about it.





Thanks, that was easy enough. I guess I should visit more often.

i have a targas usb hub which does work as long as I have a very small usb flash drive.


I'm having the same problem as Rick with the keyboard and mouse.

It will be working fine then the mouse and keyboard drop out, the icon of the keyboard on the screen goes grey, you have to unplug then re-plug the usb cable in.

I'm using a USB2.0 4 port hub with gigabyte keyboard and a DELL mouse. I have tried multiple mice and keyboards with no consistency.

The way the user interface is setup so you can not control all functions with only the keyboard or the mouse. Connecting them separately seems to work fine.

As for the setup admin password, it would be great to have an OK button that can be clicked with the mouse.



I have just tried another usb hub and it works only with whichever device you plug in first, either mouse or keyboard.


Try another brand keyboard and mouse, l had the same issues, went to a wired Logitech board and mouse and this fixed the problem. I had this issue with 2 masso controllers, the cheaper keyboards dont work for some reason.


I'm using a namebrand wireless keyboard and mouse (Logitech) with the wifi dongle plugged into the Keyboard USB slot. It works fine... until I plug in a name brand (Sandisk) usb drive to try to load a file. When the usb drive is inserted, the keyboard and mouse are locked out.

I have to reboot to get it to recognize the keyboard and mouse again. And the usb drive can't be in during the reboot.

Is this a known issue?