DIY CNC machine, my first one ...(DONE!)


Hi there,

I want to share my project to you,

when I using MASSO Controller to my project,

easy to wiring motor and setup,

DIY CNC become to a easy job, just focus on machine hardware,

don't worry anything else, like motor, E-stop, End stop, door..etc wiring and controller setup.

Enjoy Maker life ~ Cheers ?

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thanks MASSO,

Today adjustment X/Y Axis Leveling and Spindle Square.

DIY the Spindle Square to measure value, looking good so far.

but bad news .. burning motor power hub, because short circuit power wire.

waiting for new power hub Fedex from NY... so sad = ="


Good News !

It's my first DIY CNC using MASSO Controller and ClearPath servo motor,

Milling result 0.01 mm, it's good enough to me.

take a look video, any commands is welcome. thanks ~