DMG 35M ultrasonic


John Minderhoud
Hello all,
i have bought a DMG 35M Ultrasonic.

this is a 3+2.

The original controler is a fagor.

and it has a problem with the X axis.
any one familior with this fagor control?
and can masso "talk" to the drives?

greetings John.

ps this will be my 2e machine that i am going to build with a masso.
the first one is a bridgport interact 1.

that one is done with closed loop steppers


Hi John, just wondering how you went, were you able to get Masso to talk to the fagor drives. I m in a similar boat, Fager controlled machine I d like to turn to Masso.

Mines a Vm100 only 3 axis atm, trying to find something that can run the drives or if I can find drives that will fun the Fagor servos, and I d like to get something that can run the fagor spindle, and be able to index and that so I can rigid tap with it.