Dmm 4 servo drive wiring


I need a little clarification on the wiring of the DMM DYN 4 drive.

#1. DMM requires 24 ga shielded twisted pair wire. (Ref pg 17 of their manual). On the Masso, I assume pair 1 would be S+ and S-, and pair 2 would be D+and D-. Is this assumption correct?

#2. DMM requires the shield to be grounded on the receiver side. Where would your recommendation be?

thank you


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  1. Yes the pairs will be S+ & S- and D+ & D-
  2. You can connect the shield to the -ve of MASSO's power supply.
  3. You will only need shielding if the distance between MASSO and your drive very long as the signals are differential and most likely you wont need to shield them.


Hi....I think you would connect your +voltage source from the drive to the ENA+ on the 7i77, then connect the 7i77 ENA- to the ENA input on the drive. It's best to just think of the Enable output on the 7i77 as just a switch.

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