DMM technologies DYN4 drive and Servo Motor as spindle and C axis


Pinoy CNC
I am tinking of using DMM technologies of their DYN4 servo drive that will allow speed control like VFD and step/direction mode change via a single output from MASSO.

This drive can take 0-10v analog signal from Masso and drive a servo motor as it were a straight ac motor with VFD. Basically you can see how fast to turn and it goes until you tell it to stop. it have an input connection for reversing and one for enable. the drive also has an encloder output that has line drive ABZ quadrature encoder signal and this goes to Masso encoder input so you can close loop the spindle for rigid tapping and threading. Since the drive can do both step and direction and analog RPM, I wondered if I could use a single motor to drive the spindle, and also function as a "C" axis?

If this goes well this will be a much less complicated way to have a "C" axis on a lathe. One motor, one set of mechanics, no VFD, no extra encoder. If this works it could be also be used for milling boring cycles where you want the tip in a certain retract position, or for ATC rotation, or any other spindle position application.


I'm currently trying to accomplish the same thing and looking for how to wire the stepper to the spindle output on the Masso. did you have any success?