Double Z-axis possible? (one for plasma and one for motor spindle)


Hello there!

I've searched the documentation part and this forum but still can't find a clear answer.

Is it possible to drive my plasma table machine with an additional cutting spindle to it on its own z-axis?

So in my design i have two routines; one to cut some (precise) holes with the cutter axis (z-axis 1) and then the machine must cut the second routine with the plasma torch! (z-axis 2)

Can i make this happen?

Thanks on forehand!


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Yes you can control the second axis using the A or the B axis output. In your CAM post simply have replace the Z axis with A or B. You can also do something smarter if the CAM software allows such as SheetCAM. what CAM software are you using?



Oh that sounds great!

The CAM software is still to buy! So if SheetCAM is the way to go, i can consider that one.

I first thought of using Estlcam, but i don't know this can be done with this software. I can ask Christian (Estlcam).


Indeed! Normally that is the configuration oftenly used.

If only this is possible i'll be grathfull, i'll build a steardier z-axis with drilling spindle.

I now want to use a leight Kress Spindle because of the leight z-axis on the machine.