Duplomatic bsn-v 160 tool changer


Dear Masso, I am loving the set up so far, no computers and a all in 1 system that can do everything I need.


I am having a little bit of a problem with my tool changer. I need at least a lock after the motor runs in the opposite position.

How can I build a macro or a program that locks after the 400ms reverse command.

If I could program the entire sequence that would be great but could make it work with less and making it change tools in one direction only is also fine but it still need to change direction for it to lock.

Attached you will see pictures and files of this tool system.

Thanks in advance for making Masso available to us and for your help.



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Yes, I am using this set up, but after the motor turns in the opposite direction and the turret locks, if the motor brake itself is not actuated, the motor unwinds back and unlocks the turret. That's why I need a lock after the counterclockwise lock.

In other words, my turret is unlocking in a matter of seconds after the lock and therefore the tool selected is unusable.

Any thoughts or solutions?



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in that case, can you simply wire another relay to the brake and set the relay up in a way the if either of the CW and CCW relays are ON then the brake is disengaged?

If you want we can add another output in the MASSO logic to control the brake relay, will you require any other changes to get the tool changer working or just the brake is enough?


Dear Masso, I am sorry it took so long for me to get back to this project, I hope I don't have to start a new ticket. I was really puzzle and trying to figure out what was wrong with my Masso/tool changer. And as always i think it's me. LOL

I think I understand what my problem is right now. If I tell the tool changer to change from tool 1 to tool 2 or 3 (CW) or from 3 to 5 as long as I only go 2 tools away CW, it works fine. more then that, the Masso and the tool changer becomes dis-synchronized and lost and the tools no longer matches (screen vs what I see in the tool changer).

I was wondering if you could change or add a program for the 4 bit output tool changer so it only rotates to 1 direction (CW only no matter how many tools away) and then once it finds the right, 4 bit code, tool changer 3 goes high (locks a solenoid in this case), then activates tools changer 2 (CCW high, in my case that's what activate my brake) for 200ms. and then turn tool changer 3 back to low, so I don't burn my solenoid and can change tools again.

Thanks again for your help and understanding.


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@cptconforti lets first establish how your tool changer works and then see what's the difference in logic. Can you please make a document explaining the wiring and setup of the tool changer and how it works, how the signals come out of the tool changer, basically a full design of the tool changer.


Great idea!

On top of this thread there are 3 pdf files that explain factory steps. Below is my explanation.

there is 1 brake that keeps motor from turning. There is 1 turret lock that keeps turret from rotating. There is 1 solenoid that engages a pin that centers each tool in proper position. There is also 1 position transmitter that has 4 bits plus parity plus strobe.

step 1) de-energize the motor brake (brake that locks the motor at its shaft)

step 2) energize motor to rotate turret closest way possible

step 3) at strobe 0 and tool selected minus 1, engage solenoid so it can pin the selected turret and simultaneously de-energize the motor. Solenoid pin has a sensor that sends a signal when solenoid is extended/deployed.

step 4) In order to lock the turret that is now pinned in place, the motor turns in the opposite direction. Every time the motor reverses in direction a mechanism engages a pinion that compresses a spring against the turret lock and this turret lock has a proximity sensor that tells the computer to de-energize the motor and then energize the motor brake. If the computer logic does not de-energize the motor and the motor keeps rotating the spring reverses direction disengage the turret lock and now the turret starts rotating in the opposite direction.

For better precision and repeatability the turret would only turn in the cw direction and lock ccw.

Also in a one direction only set up we could delete some steps.

One direction only set up. (would be my preferred and of my own modified design.)

step 1) de-energize motor brake

step 2) energize motor cw till 4 bit matches selected tool number then de-energize motor.

step 3) energize solenoid and energize motor ccw. motor would be de-energize once turret lock proximity sensor detects the lock and spring.

step 4) energize brake motor brake within milliseconds of motor de-energization and keep motor on till next tool change.

Whichever way you can help me with would be awesome and also if you could add the same homing detection that the pragati has on homing. It would be really cool also if Masso read the tool number on start and or every time it doesn't match gives a warning on out of place tool or unlock turret. Basically always read the 4 bit transmitter for maximum precision.

Thanks again for your help!



So I have been switching tools in the clockwise position only (4 bit tool changer), mainly because when it reverses (CCW) I put a circuit to engage the solenoid (mechanical pin on the turret) and then once the brake comes on and activates the proximity sensor, the same cuts the ground to the CCW signal. So if you could add a tool changer output that sends that same 1000 ms signal every time the tool changes direction CW to CCW or CCW to CW, to lock the turret and engage the turret pin.

Also the tool changer sometimes miss a step and changes to the wrong tool, in that case would be nice to put out an alarm and for the tool changer to try again.

Thanks so much for your attention on this matter!



Yes, I still need help. I was busy also so I understand.

Basically I need the tool changer logic, to only look for tools in the clockwise direction and then give the 1000 ms counterclockwise once the tool is found for the lock mechanism in place. My other problem is that about 10% of the time the tool locks in the wrong position and does not display an error. I wish that it either displays an error or keeps looking for right tool till it finds it. I am painting the machine right now so I can make a video.

Let me elaborate on the position error. If i type command "t5 m6" on MDI window, tool changer will in error give me tool 6 but displays commanded tool 5 in the 4 bit code in the F1 set up screen. But it will display tool 5 in the F2 and F3 screens. It will also give me tool offset 5 when in reality it never reach that tool or passed that tool by 1.

So hopefully you can find a break and see if you can write a code that would change that.

Thanks so much!


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@cptconforti lets get your tool changer done on priority, can you please email on support, put a link to this forum topic and include your controller serial number, we will then send you the updated software for your tool changer.


Sorrry do diggup this old post, just wanted to know if you had been succesfull. I have a lathe that is going to undergo a retrofit. therefore my interrest. KR Jens